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How to install pvc self-adhesive floor?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-02      Origin: Site


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1. Determine which corner to start sticking from

Generally speaking, it is more beautiful to hide the non-integrated part on the wall or under the furniture far from the door; but because the corner of the room is often not a 90-degree right angle (this situation is too common), If you still follow such requirements, it may lead to poor construction, especially when you install it yourself, there are not so many tools to use. Therefore, from the point of view of ease of operation, if you can find a right-angle corner, you should start from the right-angle corner. If the corner is not standard, you should start from the acute-angled corner with a large deviation.

2. Choose sharp corners with large deviations

If possible, use a right-angle ruler to measure it. If there is no right-angle ruler, place the floor board against the wall on four sides (it must be placed like a formal post, and the floor boards are close to each other), and through the swing, you can see that the four corners of the room are straight. Not straight, which corner has a large deviation.

3. Start the installation from the sharp corner with large deviation, first along the wall perpendicular to the outer wall.

If there is a situation that needs to be trimmed, it depends on the situation. Sometimes you can directly use the knife handle of the paper cutter to fold the excess part into a right angle and stick it to the foot line. More complicated corners need to be cut. When sticking, first use the floor board to clean the floor, or wipe the floor and foot line with a dry towel. Avoid dirt pads under the floor, affecting the flatness.

4. After installing a wall (the non-integral part of the edge will be processed later), install another vertical wall from this corner. 

After the two adjacent walls are installed in this way, they can be pasted in the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, and the drying efficiency of two people at the same time will be higher. However, the two stickers may be different in the strength of the hands, resulting in inconsistent deviation and size, and then the error will become larger and larger. Try to align the edges every time. Use a ruler to help with alignment. Avoid increasing errors that result in the need to cut off an edge or a corner of a certain floor. When sticking, first diagonally, then the opposite side, then lay down the entire floor and compact it. If it is not correct, you can peel it off and re-stick it again. When peeling off, use the protective paper on the back of the torn floor board to put it on your hand (note that the side that originally touched the floor adhesive (the side with wax) still touches the adhesive), and avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers, which is good for operation. It also avoids glue contamination leading to reduced viscosity. When peeling off, peel it off little by little, don't lift it sharply, and avoid breaking the floor (if there are only creases, it generally does not affect the use).

5. Post-processing the walls of the non-entire floor. 

If the part that needs to be cut is very narrow, you can also not cut it, fold it, and stick the folded part on the skirting line, the effect is also good. If you don't like this effect, you can also cut it.

6. Use a ruler to measure the size of complex corners before cutting them. 

First, cut a little less than the measured size. If it doesn't work, cut a little more, so as to avoid cutting too large and inappropriate at one time, which will affect the installation effect. After cutting to size, peel off the protective paper on the back.

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