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How to handle flooring customer complaints and claims

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-01      Origin: Site


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Protex has been involved in the plastic flooring industry since 1998 and has a strict control over formulation and quality, which gives it an inherent advantage over other SPC factories founded in 2016. We have faith in our products.

However, even the best factories can hardly guarantee that all floors are problem-free, and there is a small chance of substandard products appearing, complaints are always on the way.

The most important is to maintain a sincere attitude to the issue. Protex takes quality issues seriously and is always humble enough to help customers resolve quality issues and complaints.

Complaint handling procedures

We have a well-established complaints handling procedure.

1. STEP 1 Listen to the complaint

Protex would like to thank our customers for bringing this to our attention. Apologize and accept all comments, remain polite and listen patiently to what the customer has to say.

2. STEP 2 Calm the customer

Quality problems are always regrettable, and it is understandable that customers are angry about them, so try to reassure them as much as possible.

3. Record details of the complaint and find out more information

Understand the complaint in detail and ask the customer as many questions as possible so that you can understand exactly what the problem is.

4. Get all the facts

Make a preliminary judgement based on the customer's description and, if necessary, arrange for a professional visit to the customer's premises to determine the cause of the quality problem.

5. Discuss options for resolving the problem

Ask the customer what response they are seeking; it may be a repair, replacement, refund or apology. Confirm that the request is reasonable. If it is reasonable, meet the customer's request if possible.

6. Act quickly

Aim to resolve complaints quickly. If you take a long time, complaints tend to escalate.

7. Keep your promises

Inform your customers promptly of any difficulties or delays in resolving their requests. Don't promise things you can't deliver on.

8. Follow up

Contact the customer to find out if they are happy with the way the complaint was handled. Optimise your internal quality system to let them know what you are doing to avoid future problems.Encourage your customers to provide feedback and complaints so that they let you know when problems arise and give you the opportunity to resolve them.

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