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How to cut rigid vinyl plank?

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We're going to talk about are cutting holes i've had to do holes, and both of the installs that i've done one was for a drainpipe that was in the laundry room and I had to measure for that, and I used a forstner bit to cut that out there, great thing is is that for this vinyl plank flooring you can just use regular wood working tools like drill bits you don't have to do anything special like the masonry bed or anything like that you can just use a regular drill bit like a spade bit or a forstner bit to get that done, and a more common thing that you might have to make a hole for would be. ARA bit, we also had to do that at my brother in law's house, sometimes the air vent is going to fall right in the center of your plank, sometimes it'll be on the side and you can use the side notch approach that we've already looked at, but sometimes it's going to fall right in the middle. Now all you have to do to do that is use the techniques that we've shown just to get some measurements of exactly where that's going to fall on, let's just assume that our air vent is the size of this two by four here so we can lay out their measurements.

So the last tool that I am going to show you is a multi tool and a multi tool is great for plunge cutting, you can also do the curves and other things with it, you can actually even do straight line rips, but I just want to show you another option with a jigsaw you can also drill a hole here and use that as I start or haul and then use your jigsaw the rest of the way so you can absolutely do this with a jigsaw but let me show you the multi tool because it's another great option to have but I just have a wood and Metal blade on here, I should had my safety glasses on to what I was using the jigsaw, so make sure you. That also these things are pretty loud so when ahead and put ear protection on but you can just plunge right in there.

Not that any starter holes and you can just cut around it like this. Now the oscillating tool does tend to melt the vinyl a little bit, so it's not as much cutting as it is sometimes melting, so you might have to give it a little pop to get that little center out. And then there you go, you've got your whole to go right around your event, another great thing about these multi tools is you can use them for undercutting door jambs to slide it under so you can get multiple purposes out of this. That's why they call it a multitool, so if you're only going to invest in one tool, my recommendation would be the jigsaw have linked down below for a cheap version as well as one that's got a little more features on it, but this will do everything you need it to and can make all the cuts for your vinyl plank flooring, and then you pair that with just a utility knife for the end cuts and you're good to go with a little investment because you have not checked out my videos on how to install vinyl plank flooring, i've got two of them cued up for you right there over in the playlist and some mistakes to avoid.


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