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How to control SPC flooring quality during production

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-22      Origin: Site


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Quality control is of paramount importance in SPC factories.PROTEX has strict quality control before, during and after production.


Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), PVC Resin Powder, Stabilizer (Ca/Zn), Pulverizing material, PE wax / Carbon black, ACR / CPE. All the core materials are 100% virgin and to be tested qualified before putting into production. UV, wear layer, color film, padding. All materials will be carefully inspection.


1) Accurate formulation and weighing system

During mixing line, all materials are accurately weighed to maintain the stability of the formulation.

2) Well controlled feeding, mixing system

All material is poured into a machine that automatically feeds, mixes and extrudes the material, all steps are precisely controlled by the machine.

3) Extrusion and film calendering process

The colour film and the SPC substrate are well extruded by an automatic machine, during which the thickness of the sheet is controlled by a thickness gauge. Once a certain length has been reached, the machine automatically cuts the sheets into equal-sized sheets.

4) Automatic UV system

After 48h of conditioning, all the equal-sized sheets will be fed into the UV machine by an automatic feeder. Automated UV machines are repeatedly tuned by workers before work to maintain a consistent gloss level. Regular gloss level of SPC is 5-8°.

5) Automatic Profiling line

After a 48 hour annealing, all equal-sized sheets are fed into the profiling line by an automatic feeder. Before profiling, workers will set up the machine according to the production order. Regular click system is I4F, Unilin, Valinge. During profiling, a random selection of planks and tiles will be assembled to test the stability of the click system. And the workers will check and pick out the defects.

6) Automatic pad machine system

After profiling, the planks or tiles is fed into an automatic padding machine, where the fully automated machine allows the padding to be fitted precisely to the planks or tiles.

7) Manual packaging inspection system

All packaging will be done by workers on the packaging line. During the packing process, workers will pick out defects.


After all the products are finished, the inspector will take a proportion of the products to check the quality. Before delivery, a special QC will randomly take a certain number of floors from the pallet and check the quality again.

Each order has been and will be treated carefully at every important point in the production phase.

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