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How to clean laminate floors

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-15      Origin: Site


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How to clean laminate floors

Solid wood flooring, composite flooring and laminated flooring are often used in home decoration. When cleaning the laminated floor, pay attention to keeping the floor dry. Don't rinse with a lot of water. Pay attention to avoid long-term local immersion of wood flooring. The laminate wood flooring is afraid of water and damp. Laminate tile flooring substrates are made of medium and high density boards. Its relative density is small and expansion coefficient is large. Laminate tile flooring is easy to foam and deform due to water absorption and expansion if it is not wiped in time after paving. Its moisture resistance is not strong, and its stability is poor in humid environment. Neutral detergent is used to clean stains. Besides, we should avoid direct sunlight, rain, dampness, etc.


Tips for Laminate Floors Cleaning

(1) Nail polish, paintbrush, juice and even tar can be removed by general cleaning agents. Then wipe it with a vacuum cleaner or a semi-dry mop, without special treatment.

(2) In daily cleaning, it is only necessary to wipe with a vacuum cleaner or a semi-dry mop to keep it clean. So we can clean the dust very simply.

(3) When we clean tar, carbon paste, lipstick, shoe polish, coal tar, tar or cigarette oil, we can use alcohol or acetone (Nail Polish Cleaner).

(4) Neutral detergent is used to clean stains. We should avoid direct sunlight, rain, dampness and so on.

(5) When cleaning chocolate, grease, juice, liqueur and wine stains of kitchen laminate flooring, we can use warm water and warm detergent.

(6) When cleaning wax and chewing gum, we should let isowax and chewing gum harden first. Then gently lift it with a blunt scraper. Finally wipe it with a wet cloth.

In addition, paying attention to indoor ventilation and keeping indoor temperature are also conducive to prolonging floor life. Vinyl laminate flooring generally does not require paint and floor wax, especially white laminate flooring. Unlike solid wood flooring, do not use sandpaper polishing.

How to Deeply Clean Laminate Flooring

1.Flat floor tow: In foreign countries, a kind of wipe with coarse fibers and strong concave protrusion is used together with a product with adsorption effect. Firstly, the dry woolen towel is clamped on the flat floor, and some dust adsorbents are sprayed on the towel. Then wipe the floor surface, and the hair and dust will be absorbed into the woolen towel. After finishing, remove the towel, wash it in the pool and dry it for use. Cleaning process does not require detergents. Because no matter what kind of cleaner is used, the floor surface will lose luster in varying degrees.

2.Floor detergent: There is no detergent specially suitable for household operation and for solid wood flooring. Most detergents need to be diluted with water and related equipment. Therefore, floor cleaners are mainly applied to engineering floors which are not sensitive to acidity, alkalinity and water immersion, such as plastic floors.

3.Dry towel wiping: This method is more suitable for solid wood flooring. The method of operation is also quite tedious.


Matters needing attention

1. Laminate wood flooring should not touch water in large quantities

Laminate wood flooring with pure natural wood properties should not touch water in large quantities if it is not treated by a unique process. It is not the waterproof laminate flooring. One of the pure natural characteristics of wood is that it is easy to absorb water, swell and bend. It is necessary to use a dry, slightly watery cloth to scrub and maintain cleaning tools.

2. Laminate wood flooring does not require unique maintenance.

Cheap laminate flooring does not require unique maintenance, as long as a small amount of moisture wipe can be used. What's the matter? The basic reason is that the surface of the laminated wood flooring is a special wear-resistant chemical called aluminium trioxide, which ensures that the wood flooring is not easy to be damaged in the daily use process. Unnecessary polishing, polishing and waxing methods will damage the surface effect of the laminate wood flooring.

Nowadays, many families use best laminate flooring to lay the floor. Laminate flooring sale is popular. Although the laminate floor has many advantages, it needs to be cleaned in daily life. Clean methods must be correct, otherwise they will backfire.

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