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How to clean and maintain hybrid flooring?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-10      Origin: Site


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In today’s time, most of the individuals are choosing the option of hybrid flooring whether it needs for commercial or non-commercial purpose. Some people have confusion about the floor, its services, maintenance, and some other factors. Some actually don’t have a complete understanding of it. Let’s begin and discuss some major aspects one by one.


Hybrid Flooring – An Introduction

Hybrid flooring can be considered as the recent flooring trend. It creates with the combination of vinyl and laminate for providing a rigid floating floor. The installation of  hybrid flooring Wollongong is easier as compared to some other types. It is also a durable one where you don’t need to replace flooring after a short period of time. For such a task, you have to focus on proper cleaning and maintenance.


Cleaning Tips

You should try to keep the floor completely clean by which it cannot come in the contact of bad components that may affect its condition. The following are some major cleaning tips for hybrid flooring.



In case you are interested in deep cleaning, then mopping option can be considered. It will be helpful in several ways. For such a task, you can use a slightly damp mop. With it, you also have the option of using a cleaning liquid. While using the cleaning liquid, you have to make sure you are diluting it with water and then applying on the floor.


While mopping, you have to take care of an important factor, you should not leave water on the surface. In case it happens, then water enters the cracks that can lead to several further damages to the floor. You have to be careful about every step.


Sweeping Or Vacuuming

Dirt, sand, and dust are three enemies of hybrid flooring and causing lots of damage to the surface. These things can lead to scratches on the floor and completely spoil the looks by decreasing durability. With regular cleaning, you can keep these things away from the floor and keep it perfect.


For cleaning, you can go with sweeping or vacuuming. Vacuuming can be the best and time saving option. It will help you in completing the routine cleaning quickly and save time as well.


Maintenance Tips

In case you are not focusing on the proper maintenance, then only cleaning cannot help you in keeping the floor in good condition. You should pay attention to the following hybrid flooring Wollongong maintenance tips.


Use Of Doormats

Putting doormats at the entrance can help you in restricting the entry of massive sand, dirt, or dust inside your home and preventing damage to the floor. You should put doormats.


Move Heavy Objects Carefully

If you are going to make some changes at home regarding arrangements of objects, then you should move things carefully. You have to be more careful while moving a heavy object. Heavy objects can create scratches on the floor and it does not look good.


Furniture Support Protection

Furniture support logs are made up of metal. Metal is not good from the flooring safety and durability point of view. You have to use protective gear or objects properly by which you can easily avoid damage-causing elements and keep the flooring completely safe. Here, you can use hard plastic or felt pads as the protectors.



Everyone has different types of footwear. Footwear cannot be considered as a flooring friendly object. It can harm the floor condition and cause lots of damages. You should try to restrict the entry of footwear inside your home and remove it at the door. It can be useful in several ways such as – dirt entry restricted, footwear does not contact flooring, and so on.


Cleaning Of Spills

Accidentally, you may spill something on the floor whether liquid or solid. In case it happens, then you have to act immediately and try to clean the spills as fast as possible. Immediate action is the best way by which you can avoid bad results of spilling such as stains on the floor. With all these things, you have to keep the hybrid flooring Wollongong safe from the rainwater as well. In the rainy season, you should try to keep the windows closed for preventing the entrance of rainwater.



Extremely hot conditions lead to a highly bad situation for the flooring. If your floor comes in the contact of sunlight directly, then it leads to lots of damage at high levels. You should use curtains and blinds for preventing the entrance of sunlight and heating up the environment.


All these things can help you in getting an answer to several questions such as – how to keep hybrid flooring good, how to increase the lifespan, how to keep flooring shiny, and so on. In case you have any kind of doubt, then please visit our website www.protexflooring.com.

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