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How to choose the color of your flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-24      Origin: Site


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It’s time for the renovation. For decorating flooring, some people will consider how to choose the color of your flooring . In fact, the choice of flooring is really very particular! Different styles of  rooms and so on, the choice of different colors of floor will also be different!

So how can we pick the floor color?

For everyone, we will recommend the 2019 popular colors 

No1, what are the popular colors of the floor?

There are three main types of wood flooring: light colors, wooden colors, and dark colors.

Light color: white, light gray, light yellow, etc.;

Wood color: light yellow, yellow, gold, versatile color between light and dark, color which closer to wood;

Dark colors: dark red, coffee, brown, black, etc.;

By the way, what color is popular in 2019?


The popular color system is sure to be the classic gray that never goes out of fashion. After years of change, the gray is the first place in the wood floor.

Especially in the Nordic style decoration is now highly sought after, the gray wooden floor is perfectly match the Nordic style. Moreover, in contrast, the gray's dirt-resistant advantage is also great.

spc flooring

"gold" color

Gold is also populor, because it not only maintains the original appearance of the floor, but also improves the overall brightness of the furniture, quite fashionable.

spc flooring

Dark brown

Dark brown flooring with a low-key connotation, calm temperament and a fascinating visual enjoyment.

spc flooring

No2, how to match the color of floor

In fact, this is the same as choosing clothes. Put all good-looking things together may not be good, so be sure to match them well. How to match the color of the wooden floor?

Standard 1: Match the overall brightness of the room

If the room is not lit enough, you should choose a light color and wooden color flooring. It is recommended to use a golden wooden floor to avoid the feeling of depression in the room.

The bright room has no restrictions on the choice of color, and can be chosen according to your own preferences.

Standard 2: Matching room area

Small size: You can choose a light color or wooden color floor, which will make the space appear bigger. Light gray and gold are good choices.

Large size: You can choose wooden color or dark color flooring, preferably with patterns and knots, the effect will be better, which can create a luxurious and solemn atmosphere.

Standard 3: Matching space

Different spaces, suitable for different floor colors. If the floor is used in the bedroom, you can choose a light color, which makes people feel quiet and warm, especially for children's rooms, and with some cute furnishings, it will feel more harmonious.

If the floor is used in the study, you can choose the color of the wood or the dark color, which will further reflect the taste of the owner

Despite this, the choice of home improvement wood flooring is a matter of opinion. If you don't know how to choose or choose difficult patients, try the wild wood color!

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