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How to Install Flooring in Kitchens?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-16      Origin: Site


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 How to Install flooring in Kitchens?

The kitchen is a relatively humid and oily place, so the kitchen floor can only be tiled during the traditional decoration, which is moisture-proof and easy to clean. However, the biggest disadvantage of kitchen floor tiles is that the ground is smooth after being wet, which may cause people to fall. With the advancement of technology, some new types of flooring ,such as Vinyl flooringComposite flooring;SPC flooring;WPC flooring, have gradually been used in kitchen floor decoration. But do you know how to install the floor in the kitchen? Don't worry, you will know something when you read this article.


kitchen flooring

1.   Specific steps to install the floor


Subfloor Preparation


Clean the floor with a wet-dry vacuum. Examine the surface carefully for screws or nails that are above the subfloor’s surface. And then set any screws or nails in place. Measure the thickness of the flooring you are using. It is necessary to remove the shoe molding or quarter round from the room. Pry it off with a pry bar, taking care not to damage the molding so you can reuse it.Finally,vacuum the floor again to remove any dust.


Lay the flooring


Cut small pieces of scrap wood to the thickness of the expansion gap recommended by the flooring manufacturer, using a circular saw. These spacers help hold the composite flooring in position as you install it.

Measure and mark the width of the expansion gap around the perimeter of the kitchen in several locations. Connect the marks to create lines indicating the gap’s location, using a chalk line.


And then continue adding rows of flooring until you get to the last row. Run the flooring into the openings for the appliances; don’t just stop at their openings.Measure and cut pieces of shoe molding or quarter round at 45-degree angles, using a miter saw, to fit around the perimeter of the room. If you can reuse the old shoe molding, put it back in place with brad nails set into the toe kicks under the cabinets or into the wall. Attach new molding with brad nails as well. Do not run molding across the openings for the appliances.



2.Pay Attention to Construction Safety

The kitchen is a place where an open flame is used. It is also a place with a lot of oil smoke and water vapor. In order to lay the floor in the kitchen, in addition to selecting good flooring materials, such as SPC flooring and WPC flooring, construction is also an important part.


kitchen flooring


Handle the Base


The treatment of the ground is important before laying the floor. The ground needs to be painted with a waterproof coating, and the number of paintings is generally 1-2 times. Only the floor is flat, and the floor laid on it can be more beautiful and durable.


Add Fire Retardant Coating


The kitchen is a place where an open flame is used. Although new types of flooring such as SPC flooring, WPC flooring, and Vinyl flooring have certain fire prevention functions, in view of the fire, the loss is heavy, so the kitchen fire prevention measures for laying the floor should be sufficient. . Generally, the floor surface will be brushed with 2-3 times of fireproof coating.


The Edge Should Be Tight


The floor is laid tightly, and the edge sealing is not well handled, which will also affect the paving effect of the entire floor. When the whole floor is completely laid, the edge position needs to be edge-seamed. At this time, the edge banding or the skirting board is often used. In order to make the floor and the edge banding better and tighter, a gap of 8-12mm is left between the wall of the board for installation skirting board.



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