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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Floor?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-19      Origin: Site


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 How to Choose the Right Kitchen Floor?

Kitchens need durable, moisture-resistant flooring. The most pounded floor in the home, it needs to withstand regular staining (and therefore lots of cleaning), water spills, and temperature fluctuations. 


This doesn't mean that kitchen floors can't be pretty, though, and, with beautiful patterns and finishes available regardless of the material you choose, there's no excuse for your kitchen floor not to be a major part of the room's design process. Follow our guide to finding the right kitchen flooring, such as Vinyl flooringComposite flooring;SPC flooring;WPC flooring; PVC flooring ,from choosing the right floor to fitting and cleaning. 


Composite flooring


For the Warmth of Wood Kitchen Flooring

Wood flooring brings warmth to a kitchen, particularly in a period home, but importantly in a contemporary home where cabinetry might be sleek and modern. However, any kitchen will always be exposed to a lot of moisture, which means your choice of wood flooring needs to be a careful one.  Engineered wood flooring, which will do much better in a kitchen – with a durable top layer, it is much more resistant to warping and movement than solid wood.

For the lower coast of Composite flooring Flooring

Composite flooring has been a firm favourite for kitchens for a long time. Its main edge over tile and wood flooring is its cost effectiveness, although high-quality and pricier options are available.


It is possible to lay most composite flooring yourself, as most manufacturers have updated their laminate with easy-to-fit locking systems. 



The Purchase of Kitchen Floor

Although the floor has many advantages in the kitchen, it is undeniable that the floor is a sensitive material and is not suitable for environments such as moisture and soot. To customize the floor for the kitchen, you must start with the material selection.


Look with your eyes


When buying a floor, first observe its appearance, see the density of the board, and the floor with low density is vulnerable to moisture and moisture. It is also possible to calculate the density of the entire floor in a simple manner based on the formula of density = mass / volume. Generally speaking, the density of low density boards is less than 450 kg/m3, the density of medium density boards is 450 kg-600 kg/m3, and the density of high density boards is 600 kg~900 kg/m3.

Composite flooring

Smell with the nose


The kitchen floor should pay attention to environmental protection, and you can choose to use good quality new flooring such as PVC floor and SPC floor. The quality floor has a scent, and the inferior floor is the opposite. You only have a pungent smell when you smell it with your nose. Once this floor is used, it can have a negative impact on health.


Drip test


The drip is to test the water absorption rate of the floor. Take 1-2 pieces of floor at random, and drop a few drops of water on the front and back of the floor. After a certain period of water absorption, the floating water drops will not be absorbed on the decorative layer. There is no obvious swelling of the water on the side, which proves that the water absorption of the floor meets the requirements.


Crack test


Put a few pieces together to see if there is a difference in height. If there is a clear drop to prove that the floor is hot and cold, such a floor is not suitable for high temperature kitchens.

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