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How do you identify the quality of spc flooring?

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you must want to know how to identify the quality of the SPC flooring for not be fool. Here are the Points will be helpful.

1,When you purchasing the spc flooring.choose the suppliers and factories with the important testing and certificates:like ISO.CE floor score etc.which passed by official tests will be protective.

2,  for spc flooring.Check whether the overall design of the lock floor is consistent, and whether the pattern on the floor surface is clear and delicate. It is also necessary to pay special attention to whether the floor locks are straight and smooth,hard, which directly affects the effect of the later paving of the floor.Also there are some clients complain that spc flooring click is so fragile, and can break it easily. That might be because the material is not 100% virgin, but the recycled or mixed material. You guyes know our protex flooring only produce with 100% virgin material, and Here is the samples on my hand. Let us text it, Break it hardly with hands, you see no change any more.

3,All the ingredients added in the production process of SPC floor are completely non-toxic and non-radioactive, and do not contain any heavy metals. So close to the surface and smell it. There is no pungent smell. If have the strange smell, it is the recycled material spc or the mixed material spc flooring. The smaller the smell, the better the quality,that is the virgin material. It should be noted that after the lock floor is produced, the longer it is placed, the less the smell will be.

4,SPC Flooring is famous with its waterproof, So before you make the decision, testing the spc flooring if with good quality of water resistant.

The drip test is divided into two aspects: the first is to test whether the locks of the floor are connected for water leakage; the second is to test the anti-skid performance of the floor.

First, take two lock floors at will, connect them naturally with locks, and lay them flat on the ground. Then drip water droplets on the joints. After standing for 3-5 hours, wipe the water clean with a dry cloth, separate the two floors, and check whether there are water marks in the card slot.

The SPC lock floor uses polyvinyl chloride material, which does not absorb water, but becomes astringent when exposed to water, so it is non-slip and moisture-proof.

When testing the slip resistance, it can also be done by dripping water. Put a few drops of water on the floor and rub it with your hands. The astringent the better.

Last but not least,The surface of the SPC lock floor has a special, high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer, which determines the wear resistance of the plastic floor. You can scrape the surface of the floor with your nails. If the quality of the lock floor is good, there should be no traces on the surface.

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