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Homeowners Turn to LVT Floors for New Builds, Renovations

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-22      Origin: Site


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Sales of new and existing homes have soared in recent months as people leave cities for the suburbs and take advantage of extremely low mortgage interest rates. At the same time, home renovations have increased significantly, with home owners looking at their homes differently after months of being quarantined in them.


A beneficiary of these trends has been the residential flooring industry, because home sales and home renovations almost always include some type of new flooring. At Protex Flooring, sales of products for use in residential spaces have been setting records since the beginning of the year and show no signs of slowing down. Much of these increased sales have been luxury vinyl tile (LVT), with luxury vinyl click flooring leading the way.



Rising Popularity of LVT in Residential Segment

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of LVT as a residential floor covering. For one thing, it is trending in the marketplace as home owners see it in magazines and on television as both attractive and practical. They also value LVT because of its low maintenance requirements. It can easily be cleaned with a broom or damp mop. Homeowners also like the fact that LVT is both water and scratch resistant, giving it a competitive advantage over hardwood floors. Finally, they are purchasing LVT because its extended life cycle makes it an excellent investment.



Rigid Core Click Systems Dominate the Residential LVT Market

Rigid core click LVT, which has a higher pounds per square inch (PSI) strength than older click products, and plank click flooring are becoming increasingly popular in residential spaces – accounting for about 80 percent of the market. These systems are so named because the boards “click” or lock into place during installation. They are favored because they are relatively easy to install; there is no glue to dry so furniture can be immediately placed on the installed floor; and they are comparably priced with other types of flooring.


It is important, however, for installers to understand that there are three different click systems in today’s marketplace. Because each of these systems has its own installation idiosyncrasies and requirements, installers must become familiar with each system prior to installing the LVT. 

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