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Floor Design Trends: The Diverse Art of Embossing And Patterns

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-16      Origin: Site


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1. The concept of embossing and pattern

Embossing and patterning in floor design are two important aspects of it. Embossing refers to the embossed pattern produced by pressing the wear-resistant layer on the floor surface through steel plates. It can be divided into synchronous embossing and asynchronous embossing. Synchronous embossing means that the texture and pattern are completely consistent, while asynchronous embossing includes Crystal, Fine Emboss, Middle Emboss, etc., with more texture layers. In terms of pattern, it is mainly made of color film paper, which is distinguished according to different varieties. Usually divided according to wood species, such as oak, pine and hickory, while stone textures are dominated by marble, terrazzo and concrete.

Floor Design Trends1

2. Main components that control embossing and pattern effects

The effect of floor design is affected by many aspects. First, the embossing effect is controlled by a custom steel plate pattern. By adjusting the pattern of the steel plate, the contour and layering of the floor surface can be adjusted, thereby presenting different tactile and visual effects. Secondly, the pattern effect is mainly determined by the color film paper. Different color film papers can present different texture options and colors, thus affecting the overall appearance and shape of the floor. Therefore, designers need to comprehensively consider the selection of steel plate patterns and color film paper during the floor design process, as well as their impact on the floor effect, so as to achieve the ideal design effect.

3. Market Selection

In recent years, the floor design market has shown two obvious trends. First of all, flat design is highly sought after. This design style uses low-key wood tones with gradients from light to dark, giving people a simple yet tasteful feel. This is closely related to modern people’s pursuit of simple and low-key lifestyle. Especially after the epidemic, people have a new understanding of the definition of home and lifestyle, and pay more attention to a comfortable and warm home environment. This flat design style is in line with people’s expectations for home, so it is very popular.

In addition, EIR (Embossed in Register) synchronous embossed flooring is also very popular. This design is closer to the texture of solid wood, can present a more realistic wood grain effect, and gives people a natural and original feeling. Although this design is relatively more expensive, the high quality and realism it brings make it one of the popular choices in the flooring market. People are willing to pay for better quality and aesthetics, so EIR synchronized embossed flooring has stable demand and sales in the market.

These two design styles have their own characteristics, but they both reflect people's pursuit of a natural and comfortable lifestyle. The flat design is simple and elegant, in line with modern people's aesthetic trends and life attitudes; while the EIR synchronous embossed floor simulates the texture of solid wood, bringing a more realistic experience and satisfying people's pursuit of high-quality life. Therefore, no matter what kind of design style, it can add unique charm to the home environment and become people's choice to create an ideal home.

Of course, the market is ever-changing, and there will always be one or two unique cases. For example, the best-selling rustic pine wood flooring in the United States is very different from the best-selling colors in the market. The reason for its popularity lies not only in its natural tones and original ecological atmosphere, but also in its compatibility with local sentiments, national characteristics and social customs. In the vast land of the United States, pine is a common tree species. Its wood is simple and natural, with clear texture, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. The country style presented by pine wood is in line with Americans' yearning and pursuit of home, and represents the yearning for nature and simple life.

Floor Design Trends2

In American society, country style is not only a decorative style, but also a manifestation of culture and a life attitude. It represents respect for family, community and traditional values, as well as love and protection of the natural environment. Therefore, the country style displayed by pine flooring is deeply favored by the American people. This floor color is not only a decorative choice, but also an emotional expression of home and cultural heritage.

At the same time, country-style floor colors also reflect modern people’s pursuit of a simple and natural lifestyle. After the epidemic, people's definition of home and lifestyle choices have changed, and they pay more attention to the comfort, warmth and health of home. The original ecology and natural atmosphere presented by pine flooring is in line with modern people's expectations for the home environment, and has become one of their ideal choices.

The best-selling pattern is not only because of its attractive appearance, but also because of the resonance of culture, emotion and lifestyle it represents. It is not only a floor color, but also a reflection of a life attitude, creating a comfortable and warm home environment for people and becoming their ideal choice.

4. What texture should I choose?

There are several key factors to consider when choosing embossing and patterns for your flooring design. The first is aesthetic trends. You need to pay attention to current design trends and trends to choose textures and colors that match your personal preferences. Next is the home style. The overall style and decoration style of the home must be considered to ensure that the floor texture and pattern match it. Finally, there are functional requirements. It is necessary to select suitable wear-resistant laminate textures and patterns according to the use environment and functional requirements of the floor to ensure the practicality and durability of the floor.

By comprehensively considering the above factors, you can better choose the floor embossing and pattern that suits your home decoration, thereby creating a comfortable and beautiful living space. Therefore, during the floor design process, designers need to comprehensively consider aesthetic trends, home style, and functional requirements to ensure that the final design can meet the needs and expectations of the occupants.

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