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Does LVP Flooring Scratch Easily?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-06      Origin: Site


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When looking for a floor within your home, one of the many things to consider is if they have scratch-resistant qualities. In some cases, people love that floors can scratch effortlessly because it adds character to your home.


You might go back and remember a specific instance as to why it was marked, creating a special memory within. However, some homeowners do not want this quality because it does not look appealing to them. In this case, you may want to find a floor that will not divvy up bumps and bruises effortlessly. So, does LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, flooring scratch easily?


On average, LVP flooring does not scratch or scuff easily, making it the perfect floor for pets and children. However, they can still roughen if you move heavy furniture without pads or a hidden nail under your belongings scratch the floors. In this case, taking the proper precautions is acquired to ensure your floorings’ life’s longevity.


On average, LVP floors last anywhere between 10 to 20 years but can go much longer, given the proper care required, which does not take a lot. In this article, we will be going over what we need to do to make sure your LVP floors do not scratch at all and how you can fix a plank that just so happened to get a bruise along the way.


Moving further, along with what was said above, you want to ensure that nothing hinders your new LVP flooring. One of the most significant ways to prevent this from happening is by getting a good-quality LVT floor, like through Protex flooring, which both have excellent reviews. Luxury vinyl floors can last you a good while. More specifically, up to 50 years by taking precautionary measures.


Here are good ways to take preventative measures while having LVT flooring installed:


Use furniture pads. Life happens, and we are continually getting rid of and adding furniture within our homes. On every piece of furniture you own, it is best to use felt padding underneath each leg or surface.

Check areas that do not have high traffic once in a while. We often do not think to clean under our couches or chairs because they remain within the same place, but making sure the dust bunnies out of those areas every few months is adequate. Something sharp might have fallen within that time.

Place rugs all around. Not only does this add character to within your home, but it does wonders for preventing any scratches that might be made, especially in areas that are higher in humidity or are prone to more frequent spills, such as the kitchen or bathroom. In this case, a memory foam rug will be your best friend. Make sure they do not have rubber or latex backing since that will scratch your floors as well.

Keep furniture off the floor for 24 to 48 hours after installation. Furniture being off the new foundation for the first couple of days is important because it allows the flooring to settle within their new home.


Any questions, welcome to www.protexflooring.com to find your answers.

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