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Do You Know about CWC Floor Installation?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-03      Origin: Site


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Before installing, there are some steps need to take firstly in order to prepare a careful and basic platform for CWC flooring.

1) Make sure the subfloor become flat and clean to help make the final installation stable and smooth.

2) Check and remove all sharp and protruding things such as nails or screws.

3) Use self leveling

4) If CWC flooring does not have underlay such as IXPE or EVA, you should lay out a buffer layer to protect the back of flooring. Another benefit is that it can isolate most moisture from the ground.

5) Cut the door's casings to the same height with flooring final height.

6) Prepare about 10% extra flooring to reduce cut and waste.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation1

Required tools

1_Hand saw

2_Undercut saw

2_Rubble hammer

3_Utility knife

4_Tape measure

5_Straightedge ruler



Installation steps

1) You can lay out some pieces of flooring to test and choose a final parquet way.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation2

2) Install the underlayment on the ground. If flooring has underlay such as IXPE or EVA on its back, this step can be omitted.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation3

3) Use pencil and ruler to measure and make sure first row’s planks position. Each piece length can not be less than 16 inches.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation4

4) Choose one side of the room, then cutting and lay the first row of flooring. Do not forget to spare about 3/8 inches gap. Finish the first row and trim off the extra parts. It should be noticed that you need to reserve the cut-off end to use in second row.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation5

5) Keep the same steps with first row and continue to lay more planks.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation6

6) Before installing the last row, using pencil and ruler to mark and conserve the gap to the wall as well. Then cutting the last row planks and install them.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation8

7)Install the moulding to all sides of room in order to hide the gap between planks and wall.

CWC flooring manufacturer preparation7

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