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A Creative Idea for Decor- Flooring on Your Walls

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-26      Origin: Site


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In modern decoration, people gradually begin to yearn for a high quality and simple lifestyle. Many decoration style contains more or less the element of simplicity. Wood on the walls was a popular mid-century decorating trend. Now it has recently evolved into a symbol of simple style. 

Discover how you can transform a room from top to bottom with the enduring beauty and durability of composite flooring blocks on your walls. 

The application of flooring block is very diverse. It can not only be laid on the ground. Some designers also put the wooden floor on the wall as a background wall or a facing wall. They look very suitable and more trendy than a normal flat white wall. 

vinyl flooring

What’s the advantage of wooden flooring wall except nice outlook? Wood absorbs ultraviolet light and makes your family's life healthier. The wood also has a good soundproofing effect, allowing the family to fully relax. Therefore, the decoration materials of the bedroom can be selected from wood.

As a decoration material, unlike flooring, wood should be used as an embellishment. That is don’t use too much in an area. Large-scale use will bring you a depressing atmosphere and corresponding cost. Using in some proper sized areas can achieve a good decorative effect.

So what type of board is more suitable for wall decoration? Among the common floor decoration materials, there are mainly several kinds of wood flooring: solid wood flooring, cork flooring,  composite flooring, vinyl flooring and so on. The composite floor is particularly stable, generally durable, and rarely cracked. So this is a good choice for you. Buy composite flooring and other kinds of flooring on protexflooring.com to light up your house. 

vinyl flooring

Now let me introduce you some steps for flooring on your walls:

1.Leveling the Wall

When paving wall decoration materials, you should first avoided the unevenness of wall surface. Otherwise it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the construction effect.


Before the wood floor is attached, the wall must be cleaned and waterproofed beforehand by brushing the waterproofing coating to the leveled wall. This can effectively prevent water vapor intrusion and avoid wood deformation.


There is another noteworthy problem: how to fix the flooring well on the walls. In order to ensure the smoothness and firmness of the flooring wall, the base layer should be first made with the keel, and then the floor is fixed on the base layer, so the firmness will be greatly increased. 

4.Cover the edge

When laying the floor on the wall, it should also be processed like the ground. The general method is to use the photo frame to close the edge. It is recommended to choose high quality floor such as flooring material from protexflooring. The floor quality or the edge effect, it is very good, but also It will handle the gap between the floor and the frame to make it look more exquisite.

These are 4 main steps of decorating flooring on walls. Whether you are seeking for the look of wood, natural stone, or slate, try featuring protexflooring tile products on your wall. With a wide range of designs and multiple options for layout and patterns, you'll find endless ways to express your vision.

Since 1998, PROTEX is the high class professional PVC flooring producer from China with extensive manufacturing and export expertise.

We are unique since we have our own resin plant, print film plant, SPC flooring plant and also a WPC flooring plant.

Our main products are:

spc laminate flooring

wpc tile flooring

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wpc waterproof

lvt bathroom flooring

lvt on stairs
hpl flooring

If you are interested in any flooring products, please feel free to contact us !

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