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7 Ways to Protect your Floors this Christma

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-05      Origin: Site


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As the year downs to close, many of us are gearing up for the excitement of the Christmas! It’s time for family gatherings and parties with friends. The children are given school holidays, and your home will mostly be a buzzing hub of Christmas activity! In several places, this is often the wettest, muddiest, and snowiest time of year – and every one of these brings the destructive potential for your floorings.

Here are seven steps to protect your Best Floorings from this Christmas:

1. Use Door Mats

When it involves potential risks to your floors, two of the most hazards are dirt and scrap. By inserting doormats outside and within every entrance, you can down on the amount of grit that’s tracked into your home, probably inflicting scratches.

2. Keep Space Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

Use space rugs and runners in critical high-traffic areas in your home. Hallways and eating rooms are common areas that might benefit from a protective Carpet Flooring. Remember to use mats with a natural backing (i.e., felt), as rubber-backed rugs will cause discoloration on the floor’s surface.

3. Take Away Shoes

Kindly ask your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home. This might be difficult if you’re having a large gathering; placing a large and dark area rug close to the doorway will give your guests a place to put their shoes on and prevent external components from coming back into contact with your floors.

4. Use a Boot Tray

A boot tray could be a fantastic item for everyday use, particularly for gatherings! Place just outside your door for wet shoes or boots. If you bring the boot tray inside, place a towel underneath to remove any stray wetness.

5. Christmas Tree

Water could be a hazard for any flooring – carpet, and hardwood. However, your Christmas tree will surely get a bit tender without a lot of it. To ensure your tree stays fresh and your floors are protected:

1. Provide a water-resistant barrier between the tree and your floors.

2. Place a water-resistant Christmas tree stand mat or plastic drain tray (commonly used underneath laundry machines) to catch any spills, and place your tree skirt over the top.

3. Avoid using a towel as it will trap wetness; however, it won’t defend your hardwood floors.

6. Clean Swiftly and Regularly

With all the entering and departing of guests, even with proper precautions, dirt and grit is bound to create its way into your home. Regular cleanup, particularly once an incident, will help to avoid dirt scratching your floors or permanently embedding itself into your rugs or carpet.

7. Clip your Pet’s Nails

If you have pets, trim their nails before any gathering you host.

Accidents are certain to happen at vacation gatherings. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up straight off and by your floor care directions.

We hope the following tips will prove helpful for you as you prepare for the Christmas! If you take these precautions, you’ll have longer to enjoy time with family and friends and less time spent worrying about your floorings.

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