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2019 popular color in home design

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The international authority color agency Pantone released the popular color of 2019--- Living Coral. The official believes that this is a vibrant color, which symbolizes people's natural pursuit of optimism and pleasure, and invigorates modern life. Pantone think coral oranges are full of vigor and can be used to show the vibrancy of life in a soft way.

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PANTONE's popular colors have a huge impact on fashion design, graphic design, interior design and even the entire fashion industry. Color is also an indispensable element in home design. Then in 2019 PANTONE pointed out how these popular colors will be skillfully applied to home design ?


Vibrant coral oranges can be paired with any wood tones on the furniture. What happens to the collision of rustic colors and vibrant colors? The luxurious coral orange velvet blanket is the brightest "star" in the room, blended with white, green, and brass or white marble materials that retain their style over time.

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Bed linings

The velvet textured coral orange bedding is very suitable for winter. The warm and soft coral oranges embrace us with warmth and nutrients. In the ever-changing environment, we feel comfortable and happy, not only enhance the space temperature visually, but also Conducive to promoting sleep.


The low-saturated coral orange seems to have its own innocent temperament. If you don't want the girl's room to be too pink, coral orange is definitely the best choice. It is feminine and fashionable, but not sweet. The fresh coral orange sheets and the light corals in the pillows are all perfectly combined. If pink is sweet, coral orange is magical.

Vinyl floor

Can the floor be only cold black, gray, brown? Maybe you can combine coral orange with vinyl flooring, although it sounds a little unbelievable, but the matching effect is amazing.

The floor is paired with Living Coral, just like the sun is shining on the floor, giving a warm feeling. Living Coral can also be paired with cool tones such as grey for a seaside feel. With different shades to bring a different feeling, coral orange is an inclusive color.

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If you are tired of the neutral color scheme of the bathroom, you can illuminate the boring bathroom with coral orange. The bold shades of coral can make you feel warm. White or beige bathrooms can use coral towels or even shower curtains to add warmth.

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Color has always been an important element in dividing the area and creating scenes in interior design. Whether in the bedroom, bathroom or living room, Coral Orange can inject new energy into these spaces. Coral orange is easy to contrast with other colors, so there are often other bold colors used in the space of the coral orange block. 

When the vibrant coral orange is attached to different materials and placed in different scenes, it can create a distinctive indoor atmosphere. Introducing coral orange into your home design, whether as an embellishment or a primary color, can add a sense of intimacy and vitality.

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Do you have any home improvement ideas and color combinations? Welcome to communicate with us.

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