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Successful Conclusion of Protex Flooring at DOMOTEX HANNOVER 2024 Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-18      Origin: Site


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From January 11th to 14th, one of the world's largest flooring and pavement exhibitions, DOMOTEX HANNOVER, took place grandly at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany.

The Protex Flooring team showcased an upgraded range of products, including SPC Silent Crystal Flooring, Ultra-Stable LVT Flooring, MGO Eco-Flooring, PP Biodegradable Health Flooring, CWC Moisture-Proof Composite Flooring, WPC Wall Panels,and more at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

Germany flooring and pavement exhibitions1

With thorough preparation before the exhibition, the Protex Flooring team actively demonstrated and promoted their products during the event. The booth attracted a continuous flow of new and existing clients for discussions and exchanges, making the exhibition a significant success.

This exhibition has laid a solid foundation for Protex Flooring's overseas expansion in 2024, marking the successful beginning of the brand's international journey for the year.

New Product

Green, Ecological, and Sustainable

This edition of DOMOTEX, themed "FLOORED BY NATURE," once again presented the concept of green and sustainable flooring to global exhibitors and audiences. This aligns well with Protex Flooring's recent product development focus.

MGO Eco-Flooring

Utilizing advanced "black technology," this flooring is cleverly crafted by pressing a mixture of inorganic materials and wood fibers. It becomes a novel waterproof substrate with a water absorption expansion rate of less than 3%, demonstrating outstanding performance in preventing water molecules from penetrating the board. MGO Eco-Flooring has formaldehyde emissions superior to E0 standards, and even in underfloor heating environments, it does not increase formaldehyde volatility.

MGO flooring

PP Biodegradable Health Flooring

Made from degradable polypropylene (PP) material, this flooring can naturally degrade after its service life, reducing environmental impact and being more friendly to soil and ecology. With food-grade materials, it is recyclable, degradable, with no harmful halogen residues, and formaldehyde emissions superior to E0 standards.

PP flooring

Performance Upgrade, Higher Quality

Upgrading product performance is a crucial improvement measure. Protex Flooring has achieved significant performance improvements through upgrades in various aspects, including but not limited to material quality, durability, stability, and environmental friendliness. These upgrades not only make the products more competitive but also provide users with a superior experience. Protex Flooring continuously explores and pursues quality, offering customers more advanced and reliable flooring.

Silent Crystal Flooring

Better foot feel, improved soundproofing, and more stable curvature. By adding an elastic cushion layer, the flooring's soundproofing is significantly enhanced, aligning better with ergonomics and improving comfort during walking.

CWC Moisture-Proof Composite Flooring

Water resistance reinforced, scientifically controlling the base material's water absorption thickness expansion rate, greatly reducing the occurrence of warping and bulging due to water soaking. Ensures durable stability, making CWC Moisture-Proof Composite Flooring suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, corridors, and adapting to humid environments for worry-free daily maintenance.

CWC flooring

WPC Wall Panels

WPC Wall Panels are made from natural calcium powder and resin, extruded and molded. With characteristics of high strength, lightweight, flame retardancy, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, and durability, bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall surfaces are highly praised in European and American countries. They introduce European and American style designs for the entire home, leading the trend of urban environmental protection, fashion, and green home decor.

ESPC flooring

Adhering to the brand philosophy of "Professional Creating Perfection" and the vision of "Becoming a globally leading one-stop procurement service provider," Protex Flooring has always delved deep into environmental protection and health as important directions of exploration.

Starting from the products, focusing on quality, Protex Flooring is dedicated to bringing more excellent products to the world consistently.

Germany flooring and pavement exhibitions8

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