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Las Vegas International Surfaces Event Perfect ending! Protex FLOORING Invite You to Witness

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International Surfaces Event

Protex flooring at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center to participate in a three-day International Surfaces Event on January 25 perfect curtain came to an end. During the exhibition, Protex flooring adhering to its always focus on the quality of life values and sustainable development of the green concept, attracting from all over the four sides like a friend come to watch tasting.


Exhibition site is really bustling with many customers. The staff of the Protex show patience for every visitor to understand the product of the guests carried out a detailed product explanation and conceptual exposition. Protex flooring in the exhibition of its brand concept and the charm of the product presented, Protex flooring and the charm of Vinyl Flooring , more deep and more connotation of the values and life philosophy you need to understand the Protex After the brand, and then savor.

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