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Robust 12mm thickness SPC flooring

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SPC flooring is really the super star among all the flooring these three years. Protex, as the famous flooring leader in China, we are always developing better products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Now we are glad to introduce you one updated SPC flooring -- Robust SPC flooring. Its thickness is 12mm, which is the thickest SPC flooring so far. It is also a fantastic floating floor which is perfect for indoor area.


The Robust SPC is really the best replacement of laminate flooring, especially the 12mm one. Because the thickness of Robust SPC is same as laminate flooring, 12mm, which provides the extraordinary hardness and strength. It has following advantages.

  • More comfortable to walk on due to thickness

  • Super durable and stability

  • Natural looking like hardwood

  • Easy installation and maintaince

  • 100% waterproof and anti-slip

  • Better starch-resistance

  • Formaldehyde free and recyclable

Robust SPC

Normal SPC flooring’s thickness is 3.2mm-6mm. Therefore, it may have the problem of cracking of click top or coving under extreme weather.


Robust SPC flooring’s thickness is 12mm, which means the versatility of subfloor. It can be installed on nearly any type of subfloor, from concrete to pre-existing vinyl floors. When hardwood isn’t compatible with a subfloor, Robust SPC will be a smart option.


The thickness does matter! And let it bring you special experience.


12mm SPC is a perfect combination of traditional SPC flooring and laminate flooring. Not only does it contain all the excellent advantages of SPC, but also provides the comfortable feeling of laminate flooring and enhances superior stability.


We believe that 2020 is the year that Robust floor will boom. If any interests in this, please contact me freely!

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