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Calcium carbonate in stone-plastic flooring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-03      Origin: Site


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PVC flooring is a new generation of flooring material that is popular in the European and American home furnishing markets. It was first born in Europe in the early 1960s and was introduced to the US in the 1960s. After decades of research and improvement in Europe and the US, PVC flooring has been widely promoted and used around the world, with its application in homes in Europe, the US, Japan and Korea occupying more than 40% of the market share and showing a gradual upward trend.

Healthy, green and environmentally friendly building materials are the goal that people are striving for. The source of formaldehyde in flooring is mainly glue, most of the flooring installation need to use glue, laminate flooring is more with glue bonding, so the problem of formaldehyde in the decoration has been difficult to avoid.SPC flooring can do 0 formaldehyde, from its unique material and composition.

SPC flooring is made by an extruder combined with a T-shaped die to extrude PVC substrate, with a calender to PVC wear layer, printing layer and PVC substrate, respectively, a one-time heating lamination, embossed products, simple process, lamination by heat to complete, no glue. spc stone plastic flooring in the base material for natural stone powder, tested by the national authority, its materials do not contain formaldehyde and any radioactive elements, can give It provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the residents.

SPC flooring has a strong waterproof performance. It solves the problem of moulding, arching and odour due to high humidity in traditional wooden floors. Compared to the LVT sheet PVC flooring, the locking SPC flooring has a higher stone powder content and can be laid without glue to effectively avoid the deformation caused by soaking in water.

SPC flooring is immersed in room temperature tap water for 24 hours, its surface does not appear bubble deformation, and its expansion rate is only 0.12%, compared with other flooring products, this expansion rate is negligible, so it can be seen that the waterproof performance of SPC flooring is extremely superior.

SPC flooring fire indicators can reach B1 level, second only to stone, and SPC flooring itself will not burn, high temperature is not easy to deformation, can effectively play a fire-retardant role.

Laminate flooring is currently a more wear-resistant material in the flooring industry, and the wear resistance of its aluminium trioxide surface can reach more than 12,000 rpm. The wear resistance of the SPC flooring surface varies according to the thickness of its PVC wear layer, and the wear resistance of the 0.55 mm PVC wear layer can reach 12,000-20,000 rpm before and after, compared to the softer LVT PVC. The wear and impact resistance of the flooring is even stronger.

Because of its superior wear resistance, SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places where there is a high flow of people.

SPC flooring feels comfortable on the feet and has good elasticity and impact resistance, making it less likely to break or dent due to external impacts. SPC products with cork pads or EVA foam on the bottom layer can effectively absorb the impact and thus reduce the reaction force on the body when falling.

The surface coating of SPC flooring inhibits bacterial reproduction and has an antibacterial effect, making it more comfortable for children and the elderly to be in close contact with the floor.

The low coefficient of expansion is the biggest advantage of locking SPC flooring compared to traditional flooring materials, which can effectively avoid thermal expansion and contraction caused by the external environment and prevent the floor from deformation.

Thanks to its low coefficient of expansion, SPC flooring can be installed in large areas without the need for expansion joints. Whereas traditional floor coverings of more than 8 metres require the installation of T-bars, SPC flooring can be installed over a large area of 400 square metres without T-bars and without the need to install grommets at the entrance to the whole house.

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