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This customer sent a product picture directly from Ali TM, clearly pointed out that he wants the effect of the floor showed on picture. It is confirmed to be V-groove and painted, it requires a floor thickness of min 4.5mm and wear layer 0.5. From communication we learn that customer is ready to install in his own hotel, the quantity needs about 1000m2 a color, in addition and inquire skirtings, confirmed the approximate number and talk with the factory to confirm the details. Because both the floor have moq, customer only needs 10 pcs for one of the styles, but the factory ‘s moq is 50pcs.
Since the floor and skirting are using the same color, from the same plant, I pointed out with the factory that the customer is a chain of hotels, more orders will come if the first hotel is going smooth, eventually persuaded the factory to accept the number that customers needs.
In the production process, the customer also consulted the floor installation tools, help him to purchase and put inside one container together.
01.  according to the specific requirements of customers, the basis of the factory's existing resources, properly recommended flooring colors and products
02. Timely and effective professional communication, maintain regular follow-up of customers and factories
03. In the case of dissatisfaction with a container, according to the actual situation suggested to go to the LCL or FCL shipment
04. Thailand's certificate of origin must be consistent, can not be any different, do the original before the customer and freight forwarding’s final confirmation
05. When the customer bargained, according to the actual situation of the negotiations to determine whether there is a need to give in, do not easily reduce prices, and do not easily quote
06. If the customer has special requirements for the product, if you are not sure, must communicate with the factory in advance to confirm
Tommy and Me. 
Guest inquiries 8mm flooring products and 2mm underlayment, the floor with a total of six colors, the number from dozens to thousands square meters.
The inquiry is for a hotel project in Indonesia. Firstly confirm the customer's specific product, specifications and configuration, because considering that the number of floors has dozens of m2, so first confirm the stock color with the factory, and confirm whether they can operate.
According to the colors of the customer supplied, back and forth after selecting the color, making the LVT samples to the guest and confirm the color, however color does not match.
After communication and persuade customer to send actual floor samples, and then send to factory and emphasize the specific number of each color to find color, remake samples, and finally confirmed four colors and quantity of each.
Then the delivery period, because the China-US Trade war factory delivery takes two months at least, with the customer repeated negotiations, finally deliver as schedule.
When loading container because of computational errors, did not fill all, the rest of the underlayment has to send to the customer's Guangzhou container.
01.  I am not quite sure with what the customer needs exactly just according to the customer's inquiry, from the picture is not indoor WPC floor, so repeatedly confirm the specific material of the floor. In addition, many times our cooperated factory can not be fully in accordance with the product size required by customers, product size is not the most entangled point of the guests, need to guide customers, the use of the factory's existing resources to meet customers, as far as possible do not give the factory a hard time;
02. Delivery: When we agree delivery time with customers, It is better to delay one week or so on the basis of the promised delivery time from the factory , and regularly maintain contact to follow up the production process; 
03. Payment: 30 Prepaid balance before shipment, this method of payment is most beneficial to us, but not every customer will accept it. According to your own communication with customers, there are some things that need to be judged by yourselves.
04. Loading: If two or more goods are assembled, be sure to confirm the quantity/gross weight and volume of each product, especially for the volume, duo to my caleless,I did not pay enough attention on the datas provided by two factories, resulting in a portion of the goods are not all loaded
05. When meeting with difficulties or problems, do not panic, do your best to solve, if there are consequences, and strive to minimize.
06. Efficiency if the customer is only to confirm the color, for WPC flooring products, with the consent of customers we can just press the top LVT(color wear layer and pvc material), save time and save costs

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