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Since 1998, PROTEX is the high class professional PVC flooring producer from China with extensive manufacturing and export expertise.
We are unique since we have our own resin plant, print film plant, SPC flooring plant and also a WPC flooring plant.
Our production capacity is 1.3 million square meter per month, around 500 full containers with 22 SPC core production lines and 18 WPC floor base lines.
We guarantee just in-time deliveries and reliable high-quality products.
Our products are CE-certified and every shipment is tested before loading by our Quality Control and Laboratory department against high quality standards.
New product development is one of our main drivers and is done by our R&D department.
Our latest generation product is MSPC which has the highest SCRATCH FREE and impact resistance, same performance as laminate flooring.
PROTEX KOREA has more than 15 years brand experience in the Korean flooring market.
We are the market leader for EIR HPL to the Kangmaru flooring industry in Korea.
In each country we are constantly looking for professional experienced partners in the flooring distribution.
Our business model is based on long term friendly relationships with all our partners.
We always work for mutual benefits, with local service and a reliable supply chain.
So if you are looking for this type of partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us.
PROTEX, Professionals creates perfection!

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