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What is MFB Flooring?

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MFB floor is a new flooring recently introduced in the market. The MFB stands for “Mineral Fiber Board” flooring. Its EIR surface gives you an amazing look and feelings of real wood. Fiberglass has been used in its manufacturing and as compare to laminate and SPC flooring MFB flooring is more durable. For the most part, MFB flooring offerings are affordable, durable, and well-reviewed.

MFB Flooring Structure

There are 4 layers in MFB flooring structure;

• Protex Protective finish

• Melamine Resin Decor Paper

• Mineral Fiber core

• Balancing layer

• IXPE attached Underlayment

The advantage of MFB Flooring

Waterproof Mineral Fiber Core

Superior Dimensional Stability

Formaldehyde Free

Quick Installation

Easy to Maintain

Approved for Steam MOP

Can be installed over radiant heating

Protex Protective finish

Lifetime residential & 15 years commercial Warranty

PVC Free

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