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What are the precautions when buying floorings?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-06      Origin: Site


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With adequate budgets, the vast majority of people will choose solid wood flooring. Today, let's talk about the five major misunderstandings of buying floorings. What floorings should we buy?



1. Zero Formaldehyde in Solid Wood Flooring

Zero formaldehyde itself is a false proposition. There is a very small amount of formaldehyde in the air of nature. Natural wood itself also releases a certain amount of formaldehyde. Natural wood needs to be soaked and dried by chemical reagents before it can be processed into floorings to ensure the stability and corrosion resistance of floorings. The main component of chemical reagent is formalin, formalin is the water solvent of pure formaldehyde. If the treatment is not good or the manufacturer jerry-building materials are not fully drying volatilization, the formaldehyde emission of solid wood flooring will also exceed the standard! In addition, the surface of most solid wood floorings will be painted in order to increase the gloss and color of the flooring or improve its durability. Most of these paints contain formaldehyde, especially those that improve hardness. Waterborne paints do not have such properties.


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2. Enhancing Compound Environment Protection

The old idea that reinforced composite flooring is not environmentally friendly is correct. Early reinforced composite flooring substrates were made of wood chips, plastics and even recycled garbage with glue and high pressure. So it's not just formaldehyde that emits a lot, but even more serious toxic and harmful substances when the temperature is high. But the times have long been different. At present, most imported laminated flooring base uses wood flour plus resin, no glue, only high temperature and high pressure pressing. The base does not contain formaldehyde at all. Only when the base and the surface are glued together, a small amount of glue is used. Under this process, formaldehyde emission is very small.


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3. Is Solid Wood Composite a Porsche For the Poor?

Solid wood composite flooring has both the color of solid wood flooring and the stability of reinforced composite. It is not easy to crack and deform, and the price is much lower than that of solid wood flooring. Is the performance-price ratio really so good?


The problem that solid wood flooring is difficult to handle also exists in solid wood composite. Because the surface is pure solid wood, hardness should be as bad as that of the poor, the same waxing oil to wax oil, no difference, solid wood composite durability is not better than solid wood flooring! Because solid wood composite uses multi-layer solid wood board, glue can only be used to bond between the boards, so the amount of glue used is not a little more than that of reinforced composite. Glue is usually the main source of flooring formaldehyde. The more layers there are, the more glue there is. Multilayer solid wood composite flooring is lost to the starting line of environmental protection in principle. Three-layer solid wood composite is a good choice because of its few layers and seemingly small amount of glue. But in fact, many domestic manufacturers use splicing board as the main material of grass-roots, and splicing board itself also needs glue to bond, so environmental protection is still worrying. On the contrary, imported three-layer solid wood, using birch whole board as the base, less formaldehyde emission, good stability, called the flooring boundary Porsche can not be over! But the cost has gone up, and the price of more than 1,000 yuan per square meter has scared away consumers. Solid wood composite is not as reliable as it seems, so be careful!



4. Intensified Composite with Low Color Value

The biggest advantage of solid wood flooring is its appearance, which comes from pure natural texture, so that each flooring is not different. In fact, there are also problems with scarring and mineral lines. Is this beauty of natural wood acceptable to everyone? Solid wood composites have fewer scarring and mineral line defects because they use only high-grade wood on the surface and have lower cost, which can be spread to the surface to select more materials. Enhanced composite pigmentation mainly comes from facing paper. As it is printed matter, as long as the texture of natural wood can be vividly reflected on the facing. Moreover, with the continuous development of printing industry in recent years, the pattern repetition rate of most brand products has been very low, even dozens of pieces only repeat one piece, the color is straight and solid wood! Some brands have also developed synchronous texture technology, surface concave and convex texture and facing synchronization!



5. Can Solid Wood Flooring Really Last a Long Time?

Many people's preference for solid wood flooring also stems from the traditional ideas of the older generation. The solid wood used by parents has been very good for so many years, and it is not difficult to handle. What's the reason?

(1) The floorings used in the past were mostly made of high-density tree species;

(2) The maintenance of solid wood flooring is exquisite.


The durability of the solid wood flooring of the previous generation has nothing to do with the way it is used. After the solid wood flooring of that year was laid out, two kinds of maintenance methods are most common:

(1) Use a large number of wood wax oil to completely soak the flooring, after several times of surface brushing, the flooring sucked up enough oil;

(2) Use a large number of flooring wax, directly fill the whole room after heating, penetrate into the flooring gap, seal the whole flooring surface.


Both methods can block air, nourish wood, prevent and reduce deformation and cracking. But these processes are now used very little. The rising cost of materials is one reason, and technological advances in the flooring itself limit such practices (high-temperature wax can damage the protective layer made on the surface of solid wood flooring).


Therefore, the real wood flooring consumed by the public is not the same as the real wood flooring that the previous generation spent the same money to buy, and can not be compared.


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