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SPC Flooring Care, Clean and Maintenance

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1. Sweep Frequently

Sweep at least once a week to remove any dust and loose dirt. If you have time, it is a good idea to briefly sweep the floor across the room each time after use.

2. Mop Occasionally

To better keep your flooring clean and stain-free, use damp cloth or mop and clean thoroughly with mild or neutral pH solution to remove stains.

Do not risk using multi-surface cleaners, bleach, detergent, strong abrasive cleaning agents like organic-solvent, ammonium or alcohol based detergent to mop your floor.

3. Combat Spill Promptly

Clean up any spillage instantly by simply wipe off with damp cloth. The longer spillage are left to stay on the floor, the more likely permanent stain will form.

4. Say ‘No’ To Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is very handy as you are able to clean, sanitize and dry quickly all at once without using chemical cleaners. But, here’s the catch…

5. Minimize Dirt

Invest in good quality rug, non-stain or non-rubber backed doormat in front of entrance to prevent any sand, loose soil, grit, dust and other dirt being carried into the house. It is best to place a doormat at every entry point.

6. Reduce Abrasion

If possible, remove your shoes when stepping on the floor will cut down the chances of scratches caused by stones and sands that’s being carried along when you have your shoes on.

7.Diluted Vinegar Solution

Some said vinegar is too acidic and may harm the protective layer of SPC floor. In fact, vinegar is not only harmless but a natural and effective way to keep your flooring clean. It is also a good way to remove any odor trapped on the

8. Close The Curtain

Prolonged exposure of extreme sunlight may causes your SPC flooring to fade, become dull or discolor. Put down the blinds or curtain to prevent it from extreme sunlight and heat.

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