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Protex MFB Flooring

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MFB Flooring, the full name of this product is Mineral Fiberboard Flooring, which is also called IWF Flooring, Inorganic Waterproof Flooring.

MFB Flooring's Structure:

MFB Flooring

Advantages of MFB Flooring

  • Extraordinary Dimensional Stability: MFB is the most stable compared with other flooring materials, such as SPC Flooring, laminate Flooring and etc.;

MD: -0.05%

AMD: -0.05%

Curling: 0.5mm

MFB can be installed on large surfaces without transitions (10000ft2 / 1000m2 or 100ft/32m in either direction),

Suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens and sunrooms.

  • 100% waterproof; (Swelling 0.47%)

  • High Standard Fire Resistance: Bfl

  • Stronger click system: high thickness and strong internal force, which make the click strength high than other laminate flooring and SPC flooring.

  • Formaldehyde Emission: E0 (17.3 μg/m3), almost no Formaldehyde.

  • 100% PVC Free

No PVC, no plasticizer, no harmful materials.

  • Super scratch resistant

With Al2O3 overlay, top to AC5 standard, MFB flooring’s surface is super anti-scratch, anti-cigarette-burning, stain resistance and pet-friendly.

MFB Flooring

Ready to display at Domotex Hannover 2023. Protex’s booth number is Hall 22, D03. Look forward to seeing you soon.

MFB Flooring

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