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Pre-installation requirements for spc flooring

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SPC flooring is also known as stone plastic flooring, although the construction of stone flooring is simple, but in order to have a better installation of stone flooring, or to follow some necessary conditions:.

1, the installation temperature should be 10 ℃ -30 ℃, and with air conditioning or heating indoor, shall not be installed in the outdoor.

2、The floor should be placed in an air-conditioned or heated place for 48 hours before installation, the packaging should be opened and the floor spread out to preheat, so that the temperature of the floor converges with the room temperature.

3、The site should be cleaned before installation, and there is no other residue that may affect the installation of the floor, before installation.

4, in the installation of stone plastic flooring, in order to minimize the colour difference, should be mixed in different cartons of flooring installation.

5, in the installation of stone plastic flooring after completion, should avoid direct sunlight.

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