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Conventional single-layer stone plastic floor

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Conventional single-layer stone plastic floor is also the most common, most affordable and with quality assurance. It is applicable to some projects or commercial purposes, such as halls, shops, etc. It is also suitable for people with tight budgets. The approximate price ranges from tens of cents to $2 per foot.

Conventional double-layer stone plastic floor

Conventional double-layer stone plastic floor, also known as BA core or ABA core floor. When you walk on this kind of floor, your feet will feel better. This sand wedge structure makes the floor more stable. Its cost is 5% to 20% higher than that of single-layer stone plastic floor. Homeowners usually like to use this kind of embossed wood like floor with EVA or IXPE foam bottom.

EIR stone plastic floor

The stone plastic floor with EIR (texture pressed by machine) surface looks like a real wood floor after embossing treatment. This is also the most high-end stone plastic floor on the market. Its cost is 20% to 50% higher than that of double-layer stone plastic floor. And it looks very beautiful and real. It is also very suitable for owners who have pets at home.

Alumina technology SPC

The last kind of stone plastic floor. It has a very hard appearance, because it uses aluminum oxide technology to increase its surface hardness by 30% - 80% compared with the ordinary double UV coating. This is very suitable for families with pets and babies, or commercial areas with heavy traffic.

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