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Welcome to Protex Flooring
At Protex, we specialize in providing top-quality PVC flooring solutions, including SPC, LVT, and WPC flooring, to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As a leading wholesale supplier, we are dedicated to serving flooring contractors, supermarkets, flooring companies, and other large-scale customers with excellence and professionalism.
26+ Years Experience
100+ Employees
18,000+ Square Area
1,300,000+SQM Gross Export
What do we offer?
SPC(Stone Plastic Composite)
SPC(Stone Plastic Composite)is renowned for its durability, water resistance, and easy installation. Perfect for both commercial and residential spaces.


Waterproof, Anti-scratch, Easy to install- Applications: Homes, Offices, Commercial Spaces.
LVT(Luxury Vinyl Tile)
LVT(Luxury Vinyl Tile)offers the beauty of natural wood or stone with the resilience and durability of vinyl. Ideal for creating a luxurious ambiance in any setting.


Realistic textures, Variety of designs, Comfort underfoot- Applications: Retail, Hospitality, Residential
WPC(Wood Plastic Composite)
WPC(Wood Plastic Composite)combines the strength of wood fibers and the durability of plastic, making it perfect for areas that require both aesthetics and robustness.


Wood-like appearance, Moisture resistant, Long-lasting- Applications: Outdoor areas, High traffic zones, Wet areas
Wide Range Colors
Product's Parameter
Description SPC FLOORING (RIGID VINYL PLANK/ RIGID VINYL TILES) LVT Dry Back (LVT Glue Down/ Luxury Vinyl Plank/ Luxury Vinyl Tile) LVT Self Adhesive (Peel Ahnd Stick/ Luxury Vinyl Plank/ Luxury Vinyl Tile) LVT Click (Luxury Vinyl Plank/ Luxury Vinyl Tile) WPC FLOORING ( WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE FLOORING)
Finish EIR/ BP/ Handscrap/ Dimond/ WP/ Coral EIR/ BP/ Handscrap/ WP/ Coral EIR/ Sawmill/ Handscrap/ Shale/ Coral
Thickness of PVC Flooring board 3.5mm-7.0mm 2.0mm-3.0mm 1.5mm-2.0mm 3.2mm-6.0mm 5.5mm-8.0mm
Thickness of Wear Layer 0.3mm/ 0.5mm/ 0.7mm  0.1mm-0.7mm 0.1mm-0.3mm 0.1mm-0.7mm 0.3mm/ 0.5mm/ 0.7mm 
Gloss Level 3°-5°, 5°-7° Super Matte, 3°-5°, 5°-7° 3°-5°, 5°-7°
Edge Square edge, Micro-bevel, Painted Bevel Square edge, Micro-bevel Square edge, Micro-bevel Square edge, Micro-bevel, Painted Bevel Square edge, Micro-bevel, Painted Bevel
Dimensional Stability after exposure to heat  X Direction≤0.1% 80/6H
Y Direction≤0.1%80/6H
X Direction≤0.15%(80℃/6H)
Y Direction≤0.15%(80℃/6H)
X Direction≤0.15% (80℃/6H)
Y Direction≤0.15%(80℃/6H)
X Direction≤0.15% 80/6H
Y Direction≤0.15%80/6H
X Direction≤0.15% 80/6H
Y Direction≤0.15%80/6H
Residual Indentation   ≤0.1mm ≤0.1mm ≤0.1mm  
Curling after Exposure to Heat ≤1.0mm80/6H ≤1.5mm(80℃/6H)
≤1.5mm(80℃/6H) ≤1.5mm80/6H ≤1.2mm80/6H
Slip resistance R10 (DIN 51130) DS (EN 13893)
Why choose us?

Comprehensive Product Range

Protex offers an extensive selection of flooring options, including SPC, WPC, and LVT flooring, catering to a wide range of needs for residential, commercial, applications. We continuously strive to develop new products, ensuring we meet& exceed market demands and customer expectations.

Global Presence and Support

With our global presence, which includes offices in the Netherlands and South Korea, Protex is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our customers worldwide. We strive to be accessible to our customers and to serve as your dependable flooring partner.

One-Stop Supply Experience

As a professional flooring manufacturer, we hold several certifications, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of quality and performance in all our products. Our comprehensive supply experience is designed to provide a seamless and efficient process for all your flooring needs.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Solutions

Understanding the importance of cost-effectiveness for our customers, we aim to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service. Our approach combines exceptional value with a high level of service, making us the best choice in the industry.

Q:May i know your factory's supply capacity?

A:Our monthly capacity is 500 containers, including SPC, WPC and LVT Flooring.

Q:What's your delivery lead time?

A:The lead time from order to shipment is:
30 days after receipt of deposit for Regular Colors.
15 days after receipt of deposit for Stock Colors Selection.

Q:What's your delivery lead time?

A:Over 1,000 colors for wood and stone look. Every year we develop new colors.

Premier SPC(Stone Plastic Composite) flooring Manufacturer

Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring Supplier In China
With 26 years of industry expertise, Protex boasts advanced production technology and a robust quality management system, ensuring the highest quality SPC flooring. Additionally, we offer customized solutions to meet specific needs.
1. Advanced Production System
2. Superior Product Performance
3. Rigorous Quality Assurance
4. Continuous Technological Improvement
5. Tailored Custom Solutions

Rigid Core SPC Floor Species

We provide a one-stop solution with market-protected ODM support.
As a leading SPC flooring manufacturer, we specialize in offering a diverse range of SPC flooring options to meet your specific needs. Our product lineup includes various patterns, custom EIR (Embossed In Register) textures, herringbone, and parquet designs. Whether you’re looking for distinct aesthetics or custom embossed finishes, we have the solutions to cater to any project requirements.

Wood Grain SPC Flooring

Our Wood Grain SPC Flooring offers the timeless appeal of natural wood with the durability and ease of maintenance that SPC flooring is known for. This flooring option is designed to mimic the texture and look of real wood, making it an excellent choice for those who desire a classic aesthetic without compromising on performance.

Ideal Use Cases:

Residential areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.
Commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, and lounges.

Stone Pattern SPC flooring

Our Stone/tiel/marble Pattern SPC Flooring brings the natural beauty of stone into your space without the associated maintenance and cost. This flooring is perfect for adding a modern, elegant touch to any room.

Ideal Use Cases:

Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements in residential homes.
Commercial areas like cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

EIR SPC Flooring

EIR (Embossed in Register) SPC Flooring offers the most realistic texture available by perfectly aligning the embossing with the print on the boards. This creates a floor with an incredibly authentic look and feel.

Ideal Use Cases:

High-end residential projects.
Commercial settings like boutiques and office foyers.

Chevron SPC Flooring

Chevron SPC Flooring offers a sophisticated pattern that produces a striking visual impact. It combines the beauty of classic chevron patterns with the benefits of SPC technology.

Ideal Use Cases:

Trendy residential spaces like living areas and dining rooms.
Commercial environments such as showrooms and fashion stores.

Herringbone SPC Flooring

Herringbone SPC Flooring features the classic yet contemporary herringbone pattern, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Ideal Use Cases:

High-end residential spaces like bedrooms and dining areas.
Luxury commercial settings such as hotels and upscale restaurants.

Parquet flooring

Parquet SPC Flooring replicates the classic look of traditional parquet wood floors, offering a luxurious, sophisticated touch to both residential and commercial spaces.

Ideal Use Cases:

Luxury residential areas such as living rooms and halls.
Prestigious commercial spaces like boardrooms and galleries.
Rigid Core SPC Floor Size
Rigid Core SPC Floor Size
Rigid Core SPC Floor Size

Our Range of Customizations

Production process customization
Discover our range of customized services designed to enhance product performance and market appeal. From production process adjustments to embossed patterns, special colors, exclusive logos, packaging, and marketing tools, Protex ensures that your unique needs are met with precision and creativity. Partner with us to turn your ideas into reality and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Customized Solutions

If you have unique or elevated product requirements, we offer exclusive customization services. Discover how Protex can enhance your product's performance and market appeal through tailored production processes, embossed patterns, custom colors, exclusive logos, specialized packaging, and marketing tools. Partner with us to bring your ideas to life and gain a competitive edge in your industry with our precise and creative solutions.
Ultra stable structure diagram
Ultra matte finish
Production processcustomization

About Quality

Protex is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive quality control system, incorporating a series of stringent inspection and testing processes. This system is aimed at delivering top-quality flooring products to our customers. We strive incessantly to consistently deliver high-performance, premium flooring products that meet our customers' demands.
Finished Product Quality Control
Our process for inspecting finished products involves a comprehensive review and testing of flooring items to verify their compliance with our high standards and customer expectations. Through the use of advanced technology and meticulous visual inspections, we ensure that each flooring piece meets our quality requirements. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every product delivered to our customers undergoes thorough inspection and meets the highest standards of quality.

Certificate Authentication

Protex Flooring products have already got many certificates such as Floorscore, CE Certificate, SGS and Intertek test report. Our factory has also got the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate.

Quality Inspection

In addition to our robust internal quality control measures, our products undergo testing and certification by reputable third-party inspection agencies. This is how we ensure consistent quality, substantiated by the following certificates. PROTEX is your reliable partner!

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q How to verify the SPC floor is virgin material or recycled material?

    A The most reliable method to determine if SPC flooring is made from virgin materials or recycled content is through laboratory testing. Market methods such as examining color, feel, and light transmittance are not100% effective. Laboratory testing involves: Physical performance testing- Chemical composition analysis- Infrared spectrum analysis- Thermogravimetric analysis These tests provide authoritative and reliable results.
  • Q How to find suitable SPC floor factory for you?

    A 1. Product Quality: Does the product meet customer standards? Are there any certifications?
    2. Production Capacity: What is the factorys output capacity for a year?
    3. Delivery Schedule: Are delivery dates normal? Are there issues like stocking up or delays?
    4. Equipment Efficiency: What is the maintenance and update cycle for factory equipment?
    5. Quality Control: How does the factory conduct production inspections and quality control?
    6. Customer Service: What is the quality of the pre-sales and after-sales services? Can they solve problems efficiently?
  • Q How to repair SPC flooring?

    A If you want to replace the entire SPC floor:
    1. Carefully remove the original old floor using a pry bar.
    2. Check for floor flatness; repair if necessary.
    3. Lay a floor mat or moisture-proof membrane for extra cushioning and moisture protection.
    4. Start laying the new SPC flooring.

    If you need to replace only one SPC floor panel:
    1. Cut off the locks of the floor panel to be replaced using a knife.
    2. Remove the damaged panel from the ground.
    3. Take a new panel, cut off the surrounding locks, and fix it directly with glue.
    4. Complete the replacement by adjusting it to fit the original position.
  • Q How to choose the thickness of SPC floor?

    A Commonly we provide 36”/48”/60”/72” x 6”/7”/9” size, 3.5/4/5/6mm entire thickness and 0.3/0.5mm wear layer thickness. Based on your using scenarios, 0.3mm wear layer is suitable for residential areas while 0.5mm wear layer is suitable for commercial area.
  • Q Is SPC floor waterproof?

    A Yes of course. It has excellent water resistant performance because it has integrated PVC resin and stone powder closely and will conditioning at least 24h to ensure its structure stability during production.